How to find an OpenHR Partner

All OpenHR partners have been certified by our internal consultants. Through regular training and and exhaustive  control, we guarantee the quality of the services that our partners offer. Our partner network is a crucial part of OpenHR's organization and strategy.

OpenHR Business Partner

OpenHR's partners who have been commercially  certified directly by our organization are able to offer an economic proposal according to the needs of each company.

Defining well the needs of our clients is the first step to offer them a solution adapted to their needs. Our commercial partners are prepared to provide coherent solutions and propose connections with third party software or with each organization's own software. Connecting OpenHR with our partners' own software builds a customized solution adapted to specific markets.

Open HR Specialist Partner

Consulting partners follow extensive OpenHR training. They study and train  all functionalities, deployments and customization tools available to OpenHR.

All this knowledge allows them to design a customized implementation and scheduled deployment according to the needs of your company.

Experts in training and implementation, and specialists in Human Resources, our Certified Consultants assure you a correct implementation and Start-up, and they also provide you with the first level of daily support for all your doubts about day-to-day operation.

This first level of support is complemented by a second level, where OpenHR consultants work side by side with Certified Consultants to propose solutions to all the problems that you and your company may have.