As our distributor, with OpenHR you will have a first or second solution of Human Resources that is perfectly compatible with software already distributed.

EPR distributor

As an ERP distributor you already know that the competition is getting fierce. There is no longer small or large competitors. There is only competition within the market.

You will have noticed that in order to stand out from the rest, diverse programs are being incorporated in the EPR: employee data programs, others incorporate payroll directly. Which is why you have to compete with them.
You most likely have a good industry-leading solution, and can compete with the larger ones in your field, however, you need more functionality.

And Openhr is the Human Resources solution you need,

A solution where you do NOT need to install a payroll, or change the payroll process your client already has. You can incorporate Human Resources management that allows the company's executives to manage their employees from their mobile phones, or from any computer,  As well as integrate their work scheme into the company's strategy.

Add OpenHR to your portfolio. Integrate your ERP with OpenHR, and you'll have the best solutions to compete and generate further sales.

Payroll Software distributors

If you distribute a payroll solution, Congratulations! You are in a very complicated market. A market where clients are extremely loyalty to their payroll software, making any change very difficult.

You know that when a customer has become acquainted to your payroll software, they are very unlikely to change it. Here are two key factors that play against you:

- Clients require information about their employees,  and they realize that everything evolves except their payroll program.

-Your payroll manufacturer wants to replace the "old" program with a new one. One with different technology. With new or modified features that causes us to retrain our lifetime customer. Another program, new version of the previous one, where the process of transferring all information may not even work correctly.

Here is where Openhr can help!

With OpenHR, your clientes will not have to change anything. They can continue with their program. The one they know and works for them.  Additionally, they will have all employees' information from their mobile phone or from any computer. Executives, Supervisors, Managers and Heads of department, will have up to the minute employee reports on their mobile.

By implementing OpenHR, they will evolve from what they already have. Without changing a thing.

Human Resources Software distributors

If you distribute Human Resources software, you will know that the market is very dispersed, with many options, a great variety of different needs.

Human Resources solutions are assured with OpenHR,   you will be able to expand your market. You will no longer only target companies with more than 500 employees. We can offer you a solution that does not take 1 year to implement and where you do not need to incorporate many people, with the uncertainty of profit.

OpenHR gives you access to a much wider target market. The market for companies with more than 100 employees has a growing need for HR Management. The market for companies that are going to grow. 

You will be able to offer quick implementations and a cost adjusted by number of employees.

A solution that complements your existing software, allowing you to access additional markets. Put your know-how to use in a much larger target market.